Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Names

During the tutorial, I turned to Pete and asked him, "Whats the name of our game? Whats the name of our company?". In response to that he quickly opened the browser and did a quick search for a "random name generator". Most of them were specific to character names, but we had a look at one in particular called "Band Name Maker", after the first few listings we saw a funny name called "Rat Torture" which both made us laugh and sparked an interest because of its originality. I began writing a few combinations down to see what we could come up with.

Rat Torture Games
Net Input and the Whiskeys
Rat Torture and the Beers
Rat Torture & Beer - This was more directed towards myself being the rat and Pete being the beer, but I don't think it rolls off the tongue that well.

Beer Torture and Rat - I'm pretty sure this is the name we agreed upon, and we will probably use this throughout the project.

OK, with that sorted we now needed a name for the game. Previously Pete has been calling it X-Mulge which i think is an acronym. Anyway we both started thinking of some words that describe the game. Some of the words I wrote down were:


It was at this stage, Pete started describing an RPG game he had saw on that has really long name, I cant remember it exactly but it went something like this:

Super awesome mega oldskool action RPG magic wizards

But this lead us to thinking of the same type of words to help describe and also improve the appeal of our game, some more words I wrote down include:

Retro Game Fighting
Retro Wars

Eventually with a little bit of discussion and so forth we came to like "Super Retro Mega Wars", which in my opinion describes the game pretty well, and I like the adjectives.

In reflection, this process was relatively painless and we both came to a solid decision on both names chosen. With this out of the way, its one less thing to worry about. I think that both of our thinking processes and they way we solve problems could be similar, I guess were fairly like minded and both have high expectations or goals which helps when working in a group. I have worked with many different people during all of my studies and in every instance I have had to put in 90% of the work while the rest of the guys/gals do almost nothing. Now their was an exception last semester when I worked with a guy named "Yannick", he was also a hard worker and being his final semester he really wanted to make the effort, so the last project was nice to have someone to fall back on and have some help. I'm pretty confident that we will get this project done, but I honestly think time will be a major issue, this is probably the one thing that I always stress about the most, TIME. Their just isn't enough of the damn shit I tell ya!

Over and out.

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