Thursday, March 29, 2007

Project Plan Part Four

Getting it done, I've almost finished my parts.

I set today specifically to work on the project plan, I thought I would get in the mood by making up a document header to improve the aesthetics. I started with a few Google searches to find some pictures of classic retro games, for example Space Invaders or Tetris. The first thing that popped in my head when I thought of doing this was to have a picture of each game next to each other with the title clearly in the middle. The games I used are:

- Breakout
- Space Invaders
- Missile Command
- Asterids
- Meteor
- Tetris

(Actual images)

When I had all the images I wanted, I started cutting them up in Photoshop and sectioned them evenly over the header. To reduce the colour saturation I turned the opacity to 65% and used a light blue background behind it.

When I was done I copied a section of the space invades section and duplicated it down the left side of the page to ensure I had the right colour. Because it was duplicated several times I cleared most of the existing stars and drew some of my own using the brush tool and changing the size of the brush to get a better diversity of small and big stars. Lastly I added the subject code so it didn't look so bland and open.

With the page header done I began putting the document together by inserting the header as an image and using a text box over the top of it to add the content to the page. I did a few test prints to see how it looks on the page and checked the margins so that it was wide enough to bind the documents without cutting into the side.

I put all the bits and pieces I've been writing down in my notebook into the document. (Fill in more later)

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