Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog! Ahhhhhh

Still getting used to using this makeshift blog, conveniently supplied and hosted by Pete's work. Pete's been going through how to use the back end of it and how all the templating works. So far so good, I think it should work out to be a valuable resource in our project, and should make writing this diary so much easier.

During our tutorial today, Pete and I had a look at the back end and attempted to figure out a method of truncating this section of the blog to a specific number of characters (100 for example) and cutting out the rest and tacking on a "Read more" at the end. Pete found this good piece of code that looks like it would work well in a normal situation, but we encountered a problem with the templating section were it would look for open braces ( { ) and then look for a placeholder so it could be filled with content from the database. Because of this it meant that the code could not function because we couldn't put in the necessary braces. So, we will just move back to using the short description and for each post we make we can type up a quick summary.

In conclusion, I can't complain this truly is what we needed in my opinion, and having complete control over the site/blog sways in our favour.

Link: Truncating Code

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