Thursday, March 29, 2007


After some discussion Pete and I made an informal decision to develop the game/engine using a mix of Java and OpenGL, the reason why we choose OpenGL was because I have some experience in developing with it and it also means our game will be cross platform and usable on Linux. Having our game's work on Linux is big plus for both of us, because ultimately i would like to get it hosted on a synaptic repository so other Linux users can easily download it and play it with their friends. Currently the Java library doesn't support all of the official OpenGL functions and using the Java 3D api probably wont run very fast, I did a quick search on Google and found the official OpenGL api supported by Java (JOGL), after looking at some of the examples and demo's provided on the site I came to the decision that this would be the best method.

Some links I found useful with downloading, installing and using JOGL.

JOGL Distribution (dll's and libraries)
Install JOGL for Netbeans
Older website with some tutorials on JOGL
OpenGL Red Book for Java

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