Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Alright, I've been working my ass off all for the past week on this project and I have to say that Pete has put in almost nil in comparison. I think his putting to much pressure on himself and spending to much time working or traveling. I could never make the trek to Ballarat every weekend, it just isn't productive enough in my opinion. Anyway, as usual I'm holding the project together and doing the majority of work. I think after tomorrow I wont be able to come back to the project for a good few weeks since my other 3 classes are knocking on my door asking bout assignments.

Well, I went for a quick search and discovered a really good little MIDI player written in Java and makes use of the Sound API, after I looked over it it seemed worthy of being implemented into our engine so I stuck it in. A link to the source is provided below.

Java Sound API - MIDI Player

Since we have a MIDI player now, I guess were gunna need a MIDI too. I had a look around at some free MIDI sites, as well as royalty free MIDI's but nothing really stood out till I discovered this really old or just pethetic website with a whole big list of old game MIDI's. Some of them were for different levels and most commonly the intro's. After listening to a fair few I found the one, its called "Wizard Ball", it was some old Atari game or something, but the MIDI has a cool tune to it and I thought it was probably the best one I had heard so far that would blend in with the game. You should be able to listen to it at the link below.

Wizard Ball MIDI

After running a quick test, the MIDI Player proved to work perfectly and the engine is on its way.

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