Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What do we have left?

I caught up with Pete over MSN today, he's been working hard on the engine and has been developing a new concept (Gravity) and from all reports everything is going well. Now my coding frenzy has come to halt I think Pete's feeling a little more comfortable and I think hes starting to grasp an understanding of the code. Earlier today at uni I brang what I had so far on project and attempted to compile it but encountered a couple of problems. The first was that the GUI Layout was using a setup that only worked on Windows and with Java 1.6.0, while the computers at uni use Java 1.5.0. To fix this, I changed the layout of the GUI while Netbeans changed the code around for me. The second problem I had was related to the JOGL library (again), I put the required dll files and jar files inside the JDK but forgot to put them inside the JRE (Java Runtime Engine) which resulted in the game not loading and telling me it couldn't detect the dll's. After adding the dll's to the JRE it worked as expected. The reason I wanted to compile the source at uni was to check for any errors but also to get a working version to demonstrate.

I wrote down this list of tasks both Pete and I thought will need to be implemented:

- Losing Conditions
- Score Overlay
- Stop the game and display winner
- Finalise graphics
- Sound wavs and sound code.
- royalty free music?
- Player Profiling
- Statistics

I've been thinking that we should scrap the section were the player gets feedback on his opponents status, this could be a health bar or a doom like face that changes over time. But what happens when your competing against ten other players? Do you have ten health bars on the screen? I don't think so. So even though this idea is practical, it leaves to many questions and will make designing and creating the interface very complex.

I did some minor tweaks on the engine and loader at the moment if a player stopped playing a game then wanted to join or start a new one, the the game would crash, so I made sure that when the window was closed, it should reset or destroy all existing variables so that when the player starts a new game its a clean slate.

Thats all for now.

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