Thursday, May 17, 2007

Retro Wars on Linux

I got Super Retro Mega Wars working on Linux. I checked out the project using Eclipse, and got it to download all the files. It's pretty easy installing JOGL, but I did have problems actually getting it to run, I think Linux has some path problems because I couldn't get the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to register/detect the JOGL .so (similar to dll) library files without forcing the IDE (Eclipse/Netbeans) to look in a specific directory. I believe Pete and I will both have to do some extensive testing on Linux to make sure users can easily setup and play the game, we might have to look into compiling the project with Ant and using someway of forcing the Jar file to look in a specific directory for the library files. But I'll do that when I finish university.

Below is a picture of SRMW on Ubuntu:

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