Monday, May 28, 2007

Finishing Touches

Pete and I found a problem with Missile Defense last week at university, whilst we were trying to get the game up to scratch for some beta testing we discovered that it was freezing at the end of the game, and either of could not figure out why. I have been busy with some other things lately so I hadn't had the time to sit down and look into it closely. But tonight I spotted the problem, it was almost a fluke and if I hadn't done what I did I doubt we would of spotted it before our presentation on Wednesday. What was happening was when all of the players cities had died, the code was attempting to send more tanks off to kill the cities, but the code was getting caught up in an infinite loop looking for an available city. To resolve this I changed around the code so that if all the cities are dead it would break out of the loop and continue on, this resolved one of the major issues we have been facing the past week. Horray.

I created a set of player head textures, they are designed for the Player Manager and allows players to see the progress of their competitors and to see who's still alive and who is sending you the events. Below are the head textures.

After doing some play testing with Pete, we've found that we are at the stage were the game is almost complete and were simply making superficial changes and tweaks to polish the game up. Pete's also done a make-over on the GUI, below is a picture of the java based GUI with a custom look and feel.

So, tomorrow Pete and I will be doing some more play testing and tweaking the game a little more to try and balance the play, and also start to put together our presentation for Wednesday.

Thats it for now.

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