Sunday, May 6, 2007


I found this website today, I was sort of browsing the net for other old style games and I discovered that someone else made use of a music format I had never heard of before. He referenced to this address for music:

From what I can gather its a type of music format that lets people pick a bunch of electronic instruments and allow them to compose music electronically, but the most important fact about this format is that the file sizes are really small in comparison to mp3's and other file formats. It can be compared to a MIDI but about 100 times better, the website mentioned above contains a large library of music all made by contributing artists. I haven't discovered if the music is royalty free or free to use else were, but from what I can gather it seems to be open for use since you can download any song you want and play it no problems. This gave me an idea about implementing something that can play this type of file in our game! Thats when a Google search provided me with this solution:

This website is for a Java API someone is developing designed specifically to play this type of music format. I haven't looked at the website throughly but from first glimpse I can tell it is exactly what we would be looking for if we were to implement this type of music in our game engine.

This is exciting, if we are allowed to use the music in our game without any license or royalty problems it means we can have good quality music and low file sizes and we wont have to suffer with crappy old MIDI's.

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